Nike x Tiffany. A Legendary Pair.

Are collabs actually a 'thing'?

That's a question we have been asked more than once since we launched. Are we just drinking our own Kool-aid? or are collabs a straregy that can break out from culture-leading brands and into the mainstream? We are betting they can at Colaboratory. And we are working to make them possible for you.

Even we have doubts...And then Nike and Tiffany tease a collab, and the 'net' (a 'thing' for sure) erupts in gushing praise, breathless excitement, and a million DallE-2 sessions are hastily launched to imagine what "A Legendary Pair" might actually look like when Tiffany's box is joyfully opened.

Only collabs can do this.

Only collabs can cut through the digital clutter and break the internet as surely as they break through to customers.

But will the shoe sell?

It will definitely sell out. The one thing we know for sure is that this collab will be an instant sales record-breaker, and Tiffany & Nike will have set new expectations of themselves for their customers.

It's already a home run. Even if we doubt you'll ever see someone actually running in one! These will go straight to Stockx and into a chosen few's IG/Tik Tok feeds.

So yes, collabs are a 'thing', and I couldn't be more excited to be working harder than anyone to make them easier for every brand to conceive, launch and execute.I can't promise you Tiffany or even Nike, but bring your collab hopes to Colaboratory, and we'll help you make something wonderful of your 'thing'.

Hit us up through our contact form on this page and we'll be in contact straight away to get you up and running fast and without friction. You CAN be in this game. It's not hard, and it's not too late to play.